The 5 Steps to Escape Career Burnout by Transitioning to a Well-Paying and Balanced IT Career in Weeks instead of Months or Years (with no prior tech experience and no coding required)

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  • What IT jobs to shoot for and how they’ll put you above low-paying help desk roles
  • How to leverage the skills you have right now to get you into an IT career
  • How to get real tailored hands-on experience to help you get the position and actually be able to do the job
  • How to build your Inner Tech Warrior persona to help make you more marketable to hiring managers and IT recruiters
  • How to connect with real IT professionals to get your foot in the door without having to send your resume out to hundreds of jobs with no results

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I am a former NYPD officer with no IT certifications or experience that broke free of my long shifts, lack of holidays, and no free weekends to spend with friends, family, or my hobbies and transitioned to a career in IT with lots of paid time off, holidays, free weekends, way more quality time with friends and family, and much better pay that is able to fuel my hobbies using these exact techniques.

Using the 5 steps in this book, I obtained a position as a Network Security Administrator at a community bank before moving into the IT audit field as a Senior IT Auditor.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to break into IT and away from the long hours, low pay, and overtly stressful nature of a job you’re currently working which is why I created this E-Book.

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