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Congrats on choosing to take the first step to escape your current career burnout and joining the bright future of a well paying and well balanced IT Career! 

You'll be able to claim your free e-book on the next page.

Just one more thing before you go...

Since you've already taken your first step by choosing to get the E-Book to escape burnout and trade your current career for an IT Career, why not jumpstart your journey with a 1-Day self-paced course on Networking Fundamentals?

Let me show you everything you need to know to go from 0 tech experience to a Network Expert with hands-on experience to expedite your move away from your current career grind and into an IT career. 

Take a dive into the world of Computer Networking and test drive your new career path with hands-on labs that will give you real world experience which you can put on your resume today!

Configuring computer networks is one of the most in-demand skills in the IT world right now. 


Because every business is relying more and more on technology to operate. And as their reliance grows, they'll need more and more people that can maintain, design, and secure these increasingly complex computer networks. 

The internet is one vast global computer network that will continually grow larger and larger. As business plug their operations into the internet, the risk of things going wrong increases.  

This is where Computer Network professionals come in. 

In fact, according to a study by IT career finder, "Demand for Network Administrators will rise as organizations invest in new computer systems and network technologies to increase productivity and gain a competitive advantage."

So you want to transition to an IT career, but don’t know where to start.

You have no idea how to get your foot in the door or how to avoid low-paying “entry-level” IT jobs like “help desk” or “customer service”. 

To drastically reduce the time it takes to get into a well-paying IT job you need clarity on:

  1. What your first IT role should be
  2. The knowledge you need to get that role
  3. Hands-On Experience on the exact tasks needed to actually do the job!

That is why I’ve developed the...

1-Day Network Expert Course  

Where you will Learn to Configure a Computer Network and Gain Hands On Experience in One Day  

I've been working in IT for 5 years since my career transition and, using that experience, have developed a clear path to your first well-paying IT job.

I’ve gone through everything I learned when I  transitioned into my IT career and distilled it down to only what was essential. 

I'm a very visual learner and I know that most people are the same, which is why I used lots of graphics and colors to help you learn the essentials.

I also created specific hands-on exercises that translate to real-world experience which you can put on your resume right after the workshop. 

With this workshop, you’ll have a clear path with the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to jumpstart your transition to an IT career!

All you need to do is follow along as I teach you all the essential elements of computer networking and then complete the hands-on exercises to gain experience.

I’ve taken 2 years worth of material and distilled it to only what is essential for you to get closer to obtaining your first IT job.

Imagine typing in commands to routers, allowing PCs and Laptops to communicate with one another across computer network switches that you configured.

Imagine showing your resume, which details real-world hands-on experience building computer networks, to prospective employers.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do next on your transitioning career path, without having to spend 4 years and almost $20K on a new college degree or an IT Bootcamp.

I am a former overwhelmed and burned out NYPD officer that transitioned his career to the well paying and balanced IT field, with plenty of time off and free weekends! 

I worked as a Network Security Administrator at a community bank before moving into the IT audit field as a Senior IT Auditor.

I know how frustrating it can be trying to break into IT and away from the long hours, low pay, and overtly stressful nature of a job you’re currently working.

I want to be the mentor I wish I had when going through that career transition, which is why I created Inner Tech Warrior.  

Don't stay in a career that's sucking the energy out of you! Move into a well paying and balanced IT career!

In this one-day workshop you’ll learn:

  • Why you should shift into an IT Career, and how you can make that shift quickly to put more money in your pocket sooner
  • The ins and outs of Computer Networking which will put you ahead of other job candidates
  • The types of Network Cables and how they are used so you can quickly tell which cable is used in each circumstance once you get to a job site
  • OSI Framework that Computer Networking follows to help you  understand the path of data if asked during a job interview
  • Protocols and Data Units and how they change throughout the network so you can easily troubleshoot where a network issue may to help you show your knowledge to a potential employer
  • How application protocols and ports are used so you can understand network traffic and find traffic that may be suspicious or incorrect 
  • The Journey of data throughout the layers of computer networking, to increase your chances of finding trouble spots in a company's network
  • Two of the most used data routing protocols - OSPF and BGP, which is the backbone of the Internet, and is most likely used in the company you'll land a job at
  • How IP Addresses work so you'll quickly understand a company's network
  • How IP addresses are assigned which will allow you to help troubleshoot devices on a company's network that may not be getting an IP address
  • How to read IP addresses so you can discover any network issues related to IP addresses
  • Masks, Subnets, and Networks for IP version 4 and IP version 6 so you can work with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and networks at a company
  • Switch configurations so you'll be able to configure and maintain network switches, which will be a major portion of your job as a Computer Network Professional
  • Router configurations so you'll be able to configure, maintain, and connect other switches and routers to expand a business' computer network 
  • What Virtual Local Area Networks are and how they can be used so you can maintain network segmentation at a company
  • And how to add experience to your resume so you have the best chance of using the knowledge and experience from this workshop to make sure your resume gets placed at the top of a hiring manager's pile

Why Have Hands-On Training?

52% of adults surveyed for Everest College by Harris Interactive stated that active participation through hands-on training was their preferred method of learning.

According to studies by the University of Washington and the University of Maine, examination scores improved by around 6% in active learning sections and students in plain old lecture classes were 1.5X more likely to fail than students in active learning classes.

The study also stated that students performing in the median of a class could end up scoring better than 68% of a regular lecture class if they were taught with active learning. 

There was also a study by the University of Chicago that found students with hands-on experience with difficult scientific concepts earned grades that were 7% higher than all their peers.

Resume-Building Networking Bonus!

The workshop not only includes lessons on the most essential elements of computer networking but also includes bonus active learning hands-on exercises which give you real-world experiences you can place on your resume by the end of the workshop. 

These hands-on exercises include:

  • Checking your home computer’s Network Configurations
  • Editing your computer’s DNS host file
  • Using network troubleshooting commands on your home computer
  • Finding your home computer’s ARP table
  • Finding your home router’s admin webpage
  • Finding your home computer’s public IP information
  • Finding your ISP’s routing information
  • Finding the network, mask, broadcast, and available addresses of an IPv4 address
  • Finding the Internet Routing Registry information for Companies
  • Connecting Router, Switches, and Computers
  • Setting up Dynamic IPs on PCs
  • Setting up Switch VLANs
  • Setting up a Router
  • Setting up BGP to peer networks
  • Setting up OSPF to peer between routers
  • Checking Session ID cookies
  • Determining IP information from an IP and subnet mask

Normally you’d spend about $20K and 4 years getting a college degree, or more likely a student loan that you’d pay off in 10 to 20 years depending on your payment plan.

Or you’d could take a boot camp and pay once you get a job using an income sharing agreement, which can mean paying  10 - 15% of your monthly income for 2 - 4 years. If you get a $70K job, that would mean $875 a month for 48 months or $42K. 

Or you can take the Inner Tech Warrior

Learn to Configure a Computer Network and Gain Hands-On Experience in One Day Workshop

The current price for the program is only    $197 (but may increase in the future)

Learning Style

Time to Completion



4 Years

$20,000.00 or more

IT Bootcamp

1 - 2 Years

$20,000 - $42,000.00

Inner Tech Warrior Course

1 Day

Current Price - $197

How can we offer our one day course for only $197?

Because we intend on using this one day course as a temporary pilot for what will become a full fledged program and we want to make sure we make the best product possible. 

As we're experimenting with this pilot program, we want to take a majority of the risk so you can get the best bang for your buck. 

As we are experimenting with pricing and our pilot program, make sure you claim the course at the current price before this price changes!

30 Day - Tech is Not for Me Guarantee

If you give you complete the course videos and give your best attempt at the hands-on exercises, but you don’t feel you learned anything, or you feel this career path is not for you, we’ll give you a 100% refund up to 30 days after you purchase the course.

What if I don't act now?

You can choose to continue working long shifts, giving up holidays and weekends, and missing out on time with friends, family, and your hobbies. You can choose to look up expensive IT certs that won’t give you experience, costly college programs, or expensive full-time boot camps, which would force you to quit your job, cut off your current income and put you in debt… 

Or you can take this course that will not only teach you all the essentials of computer networking, but also give you hands-on experience you can place on your resume to help jumpstart your transition to an IT career.

This 1-Day Network Expert course may not always be available as we continue to update and upgrade our services. 

Claim the Course Before It's Too Late!

To get the course at the current price and while the offer is still available as the price is subject to increase! 

Make sure to get into the course today before you miss out!

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