Obtain work-life balance through the...

Policing to IT Fast Track Beta Program 

Happy to see you here!

Here’s the deal…

I’m building a program from the ground up to help police officers transition into an IT career.

That way you can have a better work-life balance.

Which means you can spend more time with your friends, family, and hobbies. 

You know… enjoy life.

When Does It Launch?

The program is currently in development with an expected launch of July 7th. I’m working to build the hands-on projects, knowledge videos, and accountability tracking aspects of the program. 

I want the program to be your best bet for transitioning to an IT career. 

One reason I’m creating this beta test is to find out how many people actually want the program and also to find the best way to build the program so you can succeed and have a better work-life balance. 

My goal is to:

  • First find out how much interest there is in this type of program
  • Build out the various program elements
  • Launch the beta-version of program
  • Have 6 people go through the beta-version for free
  • Use their feedback to fix up the program for an official launch

For now, the release date is July 7th, 2023, but that release date could move to a later date if there are unforeseen issues that arise.

How we get you an IT Job

So you may be wondering…

To get into the tech field don’t I need a degree… a certification?

Hell no! 

I got into the IT field without any new degrees or certifications. 

What you need is experience and networking.

To get you into the IT job field, we’re going to focus on a specific job…

Network Administrator.

The benefits of focusing on getting you a Net Admin job include:

  • Allowing you to focus on getting the exact skills and experience needed to get your first Net Admin job
  • Giving you a solid understanding of technology to get higher-paying cybersecurity jobs after working as a Net Admin
  • Getting a job where you can work in a hybrid (few days in the office, few days remote) or entirely work-from-home environments (for most companies)
  • Being paid the same or more than what you’re getting paid as a police officer (median salary is about $80,000 for Net admins in NY)
  • Getting a job that will give you a better work-life balance and more free time with your family, friends, and hobbies

To get you the experience and skills you need we’ll have…


Videos that explain exactly what you need to know to get your first Net Admin job so you can watch them any time at home or through your phone or tablet.

Lab Projects

Lab projects related to each video that you can work on from your own computer at home during your RDO or PTO to build up experience

Once you get the experience and skills, we’ll help you with setting up your LinkedIn and resume in a way that shows off your transferable skills and your new technical projects.

We’ll also make sure you have the right keywords to make sure your profile and resume stand out for a Network Administrator role.

Job Referrals are 4x more likely to be offered a job than online job applicants.

Referrals also account for 30-50% of all hires according to research.

We want to make sure you’re one of those that are 4x more likely to be offered a job. 

That’s why we’ll show you how to reach out to hiring managers and tech recruiters to build your professional network…

…which we’ll leverage to land job interviews.  

We won’t stop there though. 

We also want to prepare you for the interview.

You’ll be ready with:

  1. 1
    Interview Preparation Tips
  2. 2
    Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
  3. 3
    Interview Techniques

...to make sure you have the highest chance of landing the job at a company you are a good fit for.

Job interviews are about aligning you and the company to see if it’s a good fit.

That means you have to think if the company is a fit for you too!

We also want to make sure that you succeed at every step of the way which is why we’re going to build a form of accountability and group support into the program as well.

Without support, you’ll:

  • Wonder if you’re making the right moves at every step
  • Stop when things get hard
  • Lose the drive to transition to an IT career

With support, you’ll have us to:

  • Help guide you along the way
  • Push you to break past your barriers
  • Keep you motivated by helping you shift your identity to an IT professional

Life After the Program

Imagine logging into work from the comfort of your own home office, with a cup of homemade tea or coffee in your hand and two computer screens.

On one screen you’re monitoring a computer network.

On the other screen, you have a chat window open with a co-worker, talking about the latest movie you watched in between chats about work.

During your lunch break, you take a walk outside or work on one of your hobbies.

You log off at the end of your shift and spend time with your family. On the weekend, you go out with your friends. 

No crazy shifts, no last-minute changes, and plenty of free time.

That, in my opinion, is a better quality of life.

That’s what we want for you.

That’s what life looks like after you complete the program.

How I know this works

In July 2016 I joined the police academy. 

December 31st, 2016 was my first day “on the job” standing in the cold of Times Square from 12 pm until 4 am the next morning watching others celebrate New Year’s Eve with their friends and family.

In November 2017 I got married and made a promise to myself that I would come back from my honeymoon with a different job.

In November 2017 I started my new job as a collections agent.

In January 2018 I got my first IT job at that same company.

If I had known what I knew now about making that transition I would have been even further in my career.

Where I’m at isn’t a bad spot though 🙂

I went from IT Coordinator to Network Technician to Network Administrator level 2 for a bank and now a Senior IT Auditor level 2 for that same bank.

The more focused the process, the faster your results.  

Here’s what will happen

If you decide to join the beta program, we’ll need your e-mail to set you up on the website so you can have access to the videos and labs. 

We’ll also ask you to join the private Facebook group which is where you’ll get support. 

When the program opens, I’ll place a post on the Facebook group and send an e-mail stating that the program is live.

You’ll be able to access the program with the login credentials that will be e-mailed to you.

In the beta program, things may not be fully fleshed out yet and may require some updates based on your feedback so please bear with me.

We’re essentially building this program together.  

You’ll continue to get the program updates for the lifetime of the program. 

Your success is our success, so we will work as hard as we can to get you into your first IT job. 

You’ll have lifetime access to any updates to the program so as the program continues to grow and expand to the full version of the program, you’ll also get those updates.

You’ll also have access to the community of other police officers transitioning to an IT career so you can build each other up. 

With my firsthand experience and expertise, I can provide you with practical advice and proven strategies to navigate this career shift.

Why you haven’t been able to transition to an IT Career yet

There are so many conflicting ideas on the internet that you can get analysis paralysis.

Analysis paralysis -> When you do tons of research on how to get to where you want to go, but get overloaded with so much information that you don’t go anywhere.

The internet is great for a lot of different reasons, but focus isn’t one of them. 

And focus is what you need to get the results you need quickly. 

Focus is what you need to transition to an IT career now instead of years later. 

Let me start right off the bat and say that you DON’T need any new certifications or degrees to get into an IT Career. 

You DON’T need to start from scratch. 

You just need the right path, the right focus, and the right support to get you there. 

That’s why we’re building this program. 

Why you should sign up now

Do you know the cost of inaction?

Because inaction has a cost. Doing nothing has a cost. 

Every day, month, or year you spend not getting closer to leaving policing for IT is another day, month, and year you are losing time with your friends and family. 

It’s another missed birthday. 

Another missed anniversary. 

It’s another day, month, and year where your job is your life instead of supporting your life. 

And that’s just from a time perspective. 

From a financial perspective, if you’d be making $20 - $30k more per year in IT, that’s $30k you’re losing each year…

…or $2,500 you’re losing each month you don’t take action. 

That doesn’t include the ladder of promotions and career progressions in the IT industry. 

The sooner you sign up and take the program, the sooner you’ll have a better work-life balance and more financial opportunities. 

What do you get?

Okay, so what exactly are you getting when you join the program?

  • The exact knowledge and skills to get a Network Administrator job
  • The exact hands-on labs you need to give you real work experience to get the job
  • All the tips and tools to update your resume and LinkedIn to make it easier to have recruiters and hiring managers find and reach out to you
  • The roadmap and plan to reach out to hiring managers and recruiters to build your professional network and land job interviews
  • Planning exercises to make you prepared for your job interviews so you can ace them
  • Support to help you break through any barriers along the way
  • Accountability to make sure you continue to do the work when you feel motivation waning

How much do I need to invest?

As this is the beta-version of the program, you’re only investment will be time, feedback, and a testimonial.

Currently, we’re estimating the full cost of the program (at least for the first version) to be $5,000 once the full program goes live.

If you join the beta program that means, instead of $5,000, you’d pay $0. 

We want to make sure we get you into your first IT job.

This is why, if you do everything we mention in the program and still can’t get an IT job, we’ll work with you until you do. 

And if you join the beta program, and decide that IT isn’t for you, let us know so we can open your spot up for someone else.

How do I sign up for the beta program?

Simply click the "Apply for the Program" button and fill in the application. If you're a good fit, we'll send you an e-mail with the subject "Policing to IT Fast Track Program - Application Approved" .

In the e-mail will be a link to chat with us so we can set you up with the private Facebook group.

When the program opens up on July 7th, I’ll let you know through the Facebook group and through e-mail. 

You’ll also get login details for the website so you can access the program materials.


What if now is not a good time for me to sign up?

Quick question, do you believe you can’t be busy in order to be successful?

You do understand that you will be busy in the future too, right?

So the best time to do this is when you’re busy because that’s when you’ll need the most support which is what this program is made for. 

If you can get through the program when it’s hard and you’re busy, how much more likely are you to succeed when you’re not busy?

When you’re busy is the best time to start!

What if I don’t have enough time in the week to go through the program?

I hear you. 

Remember, I was a police officer too. I know how difficult it can be to have any kind of life outside the force. 

That’s why I made the career shift after all. 

I used to think the same thing. “I don’t have enough time to train, to learn, etc.”

Then one day my fiance at the time, now my wife, asked me what I did on my bus and train commutes….

…I scrolled on my phone. 

She then asked me what I did on my RDO days…

…I watched TV and played video games.

Hm… so I did have time after all. 

It wasn’t a time issue… it was a priority issue. 

Once I understood that I may have to have a season of time where I’m not watching TV, scrolling on my phone, or playing video games in order to change my life… it all clicked. 

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, I was just not using the time I did have wisely.

With this program, we cut to the point and teach you only what you need in order to get into a Network Admin role sooner rather than later. 

So, if anything, we’re saving you time. 

Plus, isn’t one of the points of transitioning to an IT career to have more free time to spend as you choose? 

It’d make no sense to go through the program if you already had that work-life balance you’re after. 

You don’t go to the hospital after you’re healed. You go when you need healing.

What if I have to talk to my partner/spouse first?

That’s totally fine! Show them this document or give them a nice summary.

But before you do that, what part do you feel they wouldn’t approve of?

Do they approve of how unhappy you are in your current job?

Do they approve of your current struggle for work-life balance?

Because if they don’t want you to struggle, why would they be against the program?

If the roles were reversed, and your partner/spouse was struggling with work-life balance and they found a way to transition careers, make more money, and spend more time with you… would you be against it?

Then why would they be against it?

Are you looking for permission or support from your partner/spouse?

If your partner/spouse said they didn’t want you to take the program and 5 years down the line you’re stuck policing, missing birthdays and holidays with your friends and family, would you resent them for saying no to you?

Is that fair to you or to your partner/spouse?

So if you’re looking for support, don’t let this opportunity slip by. Don’t have a reason to resent your partner/spouse. 

If you do sign up and take the program and your spouse/partner says 

“How dare you? I don’t want you to have a better work-life balance. 

I don’t want you to spend more time with me or your family” 

If they say that? Then just let me know within 30 days and we’ll refund you.

What if I need to think about it?

How long have you been wanting a better work-life balance?

The thing is, you’ve already decided when you said to yourself that you want to stop missing birthdays.

You decided when you got upset about missing holidays.

You decided when you hated seeing your spouse disappointed from missing anniversaries.

You already decided. You just need to take the first step.

You saw a post of mine, you clicked it, you answered my questionnaire, you chatted with me, you clicked the link to this document, and now you’re reading the FAQs. 

Of course, you want to transition to an IT career and have a better work-life balance. 

Of course, you want to be on a higher-paying career path.

Your actions have shown you that you have made the decision. 

Do you think maybe you’re still struggling now because you haven’t been able to pull the trigger in the past? 

Maybe you made a poor decision buying program in the past… are you going to let that bad decision burn you twice:

  • Once when you made that decision  

  • Once when it prevented you from making a good decision.

You don’t need time to make a decision, you need information. 

If you leave the page and decide to “think about it” what’s really going to happen?

You’ll go to Instagram or TikTok, you’ll get lost, and then you’ll have to go back to work. 

Then you’ll spend another long shift at work and miss time with your family again. 

Finally, you’ll stop and think “I should’ve joined the program” and 5 more years will go by with your job being your life instead of supporting it. 

Again, you need information, not time, to make a decision.

Let’s walk through it together:

  • Do you believe this program will work for you?

  • Do you trust me to help you make the career transition?

  • Do you think the program will work for you?

  • Do you have access to the money needed to take the program or do you know someone who does?

If you answered yes to each of those questions you’ve just made the decision! Sign up!

What if I feel I don’t know enough to make an informed decision?

How can you make an informed decision without trying the program?

Here’s the thing:

  • Sign up

  • If you try the program and hate it, let me know within 30 days

  • This is a beta program so it’s not like you spent any money on it

That way you can make an informed decision. 

I know what the program is in my head.

You think you know what the program is in your head. 

By actually going through it, we’ll see if what we think aligns and if it works for you. 

That’s really an informed decision.

So let’s get you going! Sign up!

Will this definitely get me a work-life balanced IT career?

I see, you’re looking for a guarantee.

We have a guarantee that we’ll work with you until you get a job. 

This is also a beta program so there’s no money spent and no hard feelings in case you don’t like the program. We just ask that you let us know so we can open the spot for someone else. 

But even more than that you may be questioning your belief in this program getting you where you want to go. 

You may be thinking - “If I buy this program am I 100%, without a doubt, going to be able to get into an IT career?”

Let’s think of it this way. 

Will this program get you closer to your work-life balanced IT career or bring you further away from that? 

Even if, for some reason, this program doesn’t have exactly what you specifically think you need to succeed…

…do you think the information, hands-on lab experience, professional networking plan, interview lessons, and support we offer would get you closer to getting a work-life balanced IT career?

If the answer is yes, then sign up, and let’s get you to your goal.