Should You Trade Your Badge for a Better Life in Tech?

Is a Tech Career Your Ticket to Freedom?
Take the Life Outside Patrol - Tech Career Quiz and Find Out If It's Time to Trade Your Badge!

Escape the Uniform and Start a Fulfilling Career in Tech

As a former NYPD officer in Harlem, I've been where you are – missing out on too much of life due to stressful and demanding job obligations.

After successfully transitioning to an IT career myself, I created this quiz to help officers escape the uniform and achieve:

Better Work-Life Balance

Less Stress and Frustration

More quality time with family

A more rewarding tech career

Take this short quiz to discover if a lucrative career in Network Security and Administration could provide the life you want.

Additional Bonus

Get a free personalized roadmap detailing the same steps I took to go from patrol car to tech career based on your results

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Quick and Easy

Our scorecard quiz is designed to be quick and easy, taking only a few minutes to complete.

By answering 15 targeted questions, you'll gain valuable insights into your current work-life balance, IT knowledge and skills, and professional network.

The quiz is structured to provide you with an accurate assessment of your readiness for an IT career transition.

Here’s my story...

Like many officers, I struggled with burnout and work-life imbalance in the NYPD. I was missing holidays, birthdays, and precious time with my family. 

After missing my father's 50th birthday and hearing my fiancé tell me that she hardly saw me anymore 8 months before our wedding I knew I needed to change. 

Through hands-on IT training, networking, and a mindset shift, I successfully made the transition to a Network Administration career. Now I have flexibility, less stress, and a salary over 2X what I made before!

I created this quiz and roadmap to help officers escape the uniform and achieve the fulfilling tech career and life they deserve.

Take the quiz now to get your personalized results and insider career transition roadmap!